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Thread: How to make canvas color white?

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    Default How to make canvas color white?

    Need help regarding the above in CS2. Currently, mine is in grey and white grid boxes. I want the canvas to be white for easier viewing.

    I'm not sure if I have use the correct terms. But to paraphrase:

    For example, a picture of an apple on a table. I want just the apple selection against a white background after I have done the deletion of the unwanted background in photoshop. And not the apple against the white and grey boxes.

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    Default Re: How to make canvas color white?

    Just add one more layer beneath the actual picture, then fill that layer with white. When you delete unwanted stuff from the actual picture, the white from the layer below will then be exposed.
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    Default Re: How to make canvas color white?

    not sure if we are talking the same thing, try this:
    Edit > Preferences > Transparency & Gamut... > Change both grid colour to white and OK.

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    Default Re: How to make canvas color white?

    Both method works, thanks for the help

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    Default Re: How to make canvas color white?

    The gray and white check pattern signifies that there is nothing there. It's just the apple and no background, hence the white and gray pattern. If you want your apple on a white background, insert another layer below the apple's layer and fill it with white.


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