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    hey all .. i am thinking of getting the Nikon coolpix L14 which is selling at $229 at AP right now .. however i am just wondering if i shud wait for the price to drop ? ANd is there any fair coming up soon so tat i can get the cam at a gd price ? Pls advise as i have a tight budget .. am also afraid if i wait too long the cam will be totally sold out ...

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    in urgent need of advise .. pls help . thanks

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    $229, i tink wun drop much liao.

    but after u buy, dun go check the price anymore. u will be much happier.

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    ok thanks ! Will there be any upcoming fair tat sells cameras ???

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    i dunno if there are any fair coming.

    but things sold at fair may not necessarily be cheaper. u may get some freebies, perhaps.

    but look at it this way, should u pay $229 tomorrow and there is a fair 3 months later, where u could ve save $50 (v unlikely though), all the pictures and fun u get by buying the camera earlier is "priceless".

    and this is not even a fair comparison. cus 3 mths later, the technology of that particular model is 3 mths older liao. so, its natural for pice to drop.


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