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Thread: Recommendations of portable multimedia player

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    Default Recommendations of portable multimedia player

    Considering getting something like Creative Zen vision w or Archos 604 etc.. but hv no ideas how they perform or comparing with others similar device, any suggestions on what to get?

    Preferably hv good display & convenient photo viewing, slim and light enuff to slip in pockets or carry around, RAW support not really critical..

    Any suggestions or opinions? Thanks all..

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    Default Re: Recommendations of portable multimedia player

    Just bought Sansa 8GB mp3 video-music player recorder.
    The FM radio recorder in this thing is a piece of sh*t.
    I bought it to record off radio.
    Someone must have purposely introduced distortion into the circuit to screw up all the music that you record off the FM radio.

    Don't buy it if they want to screw up their own product.
    They suffer from Copyright mania. You know what I mean.


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