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    Hi all, would like to seek criticism and comments on this shot. I'm trying to paint a picture of the flower growing in a not so suited environment for it. A friend commented that the trail is leading to nowhere.

    I'm quite confused about the trail leading to nowhere part as i'm not too sure myself what should it lead to?

    Thanks for taking the time to look!

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    I'm afraid your pic doesn't strike me the way u want to. It does not strike me as a flower growing in an unsuitable place. I would have taken a pic of a flower coming out of a dumpster or at least have a dirty drain. (Can blur the background of the dirty drain). I think that will give more feeling and contrast to the picture.

    Trail leading to me a drain leading to a brick wall. Tat might do the trick.

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    ur aim is to depict a plant growing in a not so suited environment, and i think u just missed that by a few things

    1. the green rail is extremely irriating to the pic as it grabs the focus of ur plant
    2. more focus/composition on the plant, well since that's ur aim rite

    trail leads to nowwhere, i think wat ur friend meant was that the green rail lead nowhere to ur intended subject.

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    Ic.. Alright! Another friend also told me that just jump into the longkang and focus more on the plant.

    Thanks for the tips and criticism! Greatly appreciated


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