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Thread: question for Polarizer and bag.

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    Default question for Polarizer and bag.

    Newbie here, I got Nikon D80 + 18~200mm lense now, want to buy the bag (prefer to shoulder/waist) for them, also one polarizer for the lense, any suggestion for it. brand and price range.
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    Default Re: question for Polarizer and bag.

    Hi wtantalus

    Are you referring to a sling bag that u can sling on your shoulder ?

    There are some popular sling ones from Lowepro that i like :
    Lowepro Slingshot
    Lowepro Stealth Reporter
    It comes with several sizes depending on the items you are carrying.

    I am not too sure what waist bag you are referring to
    Is it a small waist pouch ?
    I have an Off Trail belt that carries my D80 together with additional two lens pouches, which i got for 25 bucks at MSColor. The main camera pouch can fit a D80 + 18-200 w/o lens hood and batt grip comfortably

    As for CPL, i only use Nikon CPL II ( slim ) and B+W MRC CPL
    The later one has a nice coating that makes lens cleaning a breeze.
    The other brands/make should work fine

    * As there are several sizes, I get myself the 77mm so that i simply need just a 72-77mm step up ring to add the filter to my 18-200mm, since i got a few 77mm sized lens and not practical to get several filters of several sizes. Food for thought

    Price lists on CS:

    You can do a search on Buy and Sell here for better prices as well.

    Hope it helps
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