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    here is what i think is worthy of showing:

    I was walking around the house one day and i saw this shadow on a lamp and it interested me! as being a noob i thought it would be good practice so i took the shot. the reason i didnt put the lamp in the direct center is because my friend told me about the 1/3 rule (something like that for composure), and was wondering if i did a okay job with composure? should i of put more of the lamp shade in the picture?

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    interesting pic.
    tones are a bit dull but the composition is nice.
    errm ur watermark kinda spoils the pic... sorrie.

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    Nice composition and a sharp eye. Perhaps a little more contrast would help

    Nice work


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    I would suggest you cropped more boldly and tighter to make it more abstract and interesting.

    The elements at the bottom are slightly distracting to me and adds nothing to the picture.

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    thanks for the CC...ill try to add more contrast, later on. i think it will make the shadow pop out more! about the name thing, that was my first time using photoshop and i made the mistake to save it as the original!
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    i like it as an abstract but those black chunk and that little bit at the centre's bottom can be cloned out. Or if you wish, place other items to balance the picture or even without them will do. More contrast too


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