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Thread: FZ-20 usage recommendations

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    Dear all,

    From the register, I noticed many of you got the FZ20.
    As I just bought a used FZ20 and would like all of you to share what picture adjustments settings you are using, and if you are using any noise reduction / photo editing programs to bring out the best in the camera.

    Any other info also please contribute. Thanks.

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    I used to have the FZ30.
    For outdoors, the photos should turn out ok.
    I used to shoot in A (aperture priority) mode, and still do with my DSLR.
    Try not to exceed ISO 200 cos it'll be very noisy.
    For noise reduction software, use either noise ninja or neat image.

    Most importantly, learnt the limitations of the camera and work around it. The constant F2.8 lens is one of its kind!

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    hi Genegoh,

    Thanks, agreed with you.
    I bought it coz of the lens. I too use a dSLR. but can't afford a 300/f2.8
    So got a used one to play around. for a 3yr old technology still Pretty impressive.


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