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    have been using E330 for quite some time liao.. but only until recently start taking photo with the hood.. tried using the hood provided for 14-45 kit lens but realise at certain F length there will be a shallow cast on the hood by the flash.. anyone else experience it? anyway for me to prevent? thanks!

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    This problem will occur when you are too close to the subject.

    Using the internal flash will have this problem even if you do not have the hood on. Get either a FL36 or FL50, this will solve the problem.


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    ... this problem quite common with hooded lenses and built-in flashes. Solution is an external flash or just take off the hood when using flash.
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    ok ok thanks bros!

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    It's even worse if you have the larger 14-54 lens... also affects my E-510.

    Tip: If you still want to use the internal flash, try taking a photo of your subject but offset it towards the side of the frame that isn't affected by shadow. Then crop off the shadowed part of the frame.

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    You can also try zooming in a little cos then you'll be at less of a wide angle and the shadow cast by the hood will be out of the picture. Try taking 2-3 steps back then zooming in to compose again if possible.

    Alternatively, if you're shooting with flash - it's probably a low-light situation so you might be able to do without the hood unless you have to shade the lens from light sources such as overhead lights or lamps.
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