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Thread: Advice on shooting stage events...

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    Default Advice on shooting stage events...

    Hi all,

    lately I have started to shoot indoor stage events... fashion runways, mini concerts etc....
    wat i did was basically mount on the flash, set to aperture priority mode with the approriate iso and exposure settings (with first few shots as tests), and after which i just fire off....
    pictures i feel turn out to be so so.....
    would appreciate if some seasoned indoor/outdoor events shooters share their setup, settings, things to note on the actual ground itself etc with me and others who has interest in taking such pics...


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    I guess it's all about training your eye to "see" moments then..
    Since events are varied, each will have their own unique moments which tells about the event..

    Crop in close,
    Go for unique angles,

    Since I shoot for my school, I usually look out for videographers and keep out of their FOV
    That's about all I have to share..

    Shoot more, Learn more! ^^
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