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Thread: My Cat is seriously sick. Opinions needed.

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    Default My Cat is seriously sick. Opinions needed.

    Dear all,

    We found our Cat, L, unwell this morning.

    L's face was swelled up, lips/mouth and nose were blue.
    Eyes seemed to be swelled shut as well.

    We believe he was posioned but cause of which is unknown.

    L was sent to a Animal Hospiital, where the Doctor diagnosed him
    as suffering from Cyanosis, i.e., lack of oxygen inthe blood.

    She too could not determine what the source of toxication was.
    So far possible causes suggested by the Doctor are, ingestion of
    panadol, mothballs.

    However, we doubt that these could be the cause since there were
    none of these lying around.

    L was then put under an oxygen mask and given some medication
    to purge the toxins out ( antidote for panadol ingestion even though
    it could not be the cause)

    His temperature was found to be lower than normal and a heating mat
    was used to help raise his temperature.

    We were told that he would have to be put under observation for a few days.

    Test results so far as follows:
    Heart: OK
    Lungs: OK
    Blood Count: OK
    Liver: Pending Tests

    No vomiting so far.

    She had advised us that L's heamogoblin structure was altered (?)
    from the toxication which resulted in the lack of oxygen.
    Howver the Hospital is unable to carry out such tests to confirm.

    She is not too optimistic about his condition.

    Worst case scenario would entail a blood transfusion but even
    that would entail certain risks of its own.

    With such uncertainty over the cause of ailment, I am afraid that
    the medical support rendered would be futile or worse,
    worsen L's condition.

    Hence I am seeking advice from anyone out there who could give
    some advice as to what i could possibly do to help L, a second
    opinion of sorts.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: My Cat is seriously sick. Opinions needed.

    I am sorry to hear about your situation.
    I think the best thing to do now is to seek a 2nd opinion.
    Tomorrow is Sunday....

    After seeking the 2nd opinion, if similar to the 1st, I think you should let your cat go.
    I know it sounds very cruel. I had to put down my beloved princess too. It has been 4 months ago, yet she is still very much alive in my mind. But she had struggled so hard during her last few months... even when we had tried so hard.... her cancer was spreading too fast....

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    Arrow Re: My Cat is seriously sick. Opinions needed.

    I hope that your cat pull through.

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    Default Re: My Cat is seriously sick. Opinions needed.

    Animal Recovery Centre Pte Ltd The

    3 Greendale Ave Singapore 289498
    Tel : 6463 7100

    This clinic is good.
    They are the one who had discovered my princess's illness. And had supported me and my family to the end, despite having some other family commitments at that time.
    The vet had willingly give his mobile number, and was sending me advices at my princess's last moments, and went to the clinic at 5 plus in the morning to help me with my princess.

    my prayers will be with you and ur cat. Take care.

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    Default Re: My Cat is seriously sick. Opinions needed.

    Let it go. Likely chances is slim unless the poison can be identify.
    Think of concepts and work towards it.

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    Default Re: My Cat is seriously sick. Opinions needed.

    Im not an emotional optimist when it comes to such matters as I have never believed in prolonging an animal's suffering if there's is no hope of at least 50% normality after recovery, or anything less than a good chance of recovery at all, but I would venture to say, please at least give L and Mother Nature (assisted, of course) a chance.

    The bloodworks results are not in yet, so you won't know the (approximate) extent of organ damage, if any, and what L's chances are for an acceptable level of 'normal life' after recovery.

    Also, at this ciritcal stage, just the act of physically moving the cat to another location might kill it, so I would NOT recommend bringing the cat to another vet for that 2nd opinion - yet. By all means, get another vet at that clinic L is at to offer another opinion. Vets do that a lot BTW, behind the scenes anyways, but to prevent possible conflict or professional disagreements, they refrain form taking an official stance on another vet's case, unless officially requested/insisted upon by the animal's owner.

    Everything that you mentioned was generic, and not particularly useful in forming a balanced and informed decision because test results are NOT even in yet (I'm assuming a complete bloodwroks was ordered by the vet?).

    Another thing, and I don't say this to give you any false hope, but animals, cats in particular, are be amazingly hardy and seemingly able to pull-through or come-back from almost death situations.

    One of my cats at a very young age was seized by some kind of acute toxication (undiagnosed) and the vet's prognosis was (in simple English) - 'it's going to die', but we tried the basic necessities of addressing any possible bacterial and viral infections, IV Vit supplementation for liver functions as well as a series of anti-biotics to cover any possible secondary infections, meds to address the severely acute puking, IV hydration and basically CRIB convelesence care including hand-feeding gel food and sryinging fluids every hour and careful monitoring of all vitals for a few weeks.

    That kitten pull-through, showed no signs of any kind of organ damage and grew up to be a 'neighbourhood terror'. He is still with us today - healthy and happy...and still as 'terror'!

    I don't know if this helps at all, but I sensed you were at a loss and possible considering euthanesia. I have absolutely nothing against it and will not hesitate to let any of my ones 'go' when the time comes, but I've always believed in making informed and balanced decisions.

    Fell free to PM me if you would like to chat.

    Kindest regards,

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    Default Re: My Cat is seriously sick. Opinions needed.

    A cat has nine lives, so give it another try.

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    Default Possible cause of poisoning

    Personally, I would try and do my best to give my cat every chance she has to get better. With regards to the poisoning, do you have or recently introduced any plants to your house that your cat might have chewed on? Very often animals get sick when they chew on household plants that are toxic to them.

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    Default Re: Possible cause of poisoning

    prayers for your cat. wish it to suffer as little as possible.

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    Default Re: My Cat is seriously sick. Opinions needed.

    How is your cat now?

    Cats are hardy animals and somehow, they will mostly pull through. But if it is suffering, let it go painlessly. I know it's painful but it may be the only humane thing to do for it. Holding it in your arms when the vet does the final injection will calm it down and know that it has been and will be loved forever.

    From another cat owner.

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    Default Re: My Cat is seriously sick. Opinions needed.

    All my well-wishes for your cat. I went through a similar experience a year ago and had to put my beautiful Tira to sleep. I know how heart-wrenching the whole episode can be.

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    Default Re: My Cat is seriously sick. Opinions needed.

    My 5c worth is that you might wan to start searching where the cat have been the day before (such poisoning should be relative quick acting) and investigate where your cat have been if it's allowed to roam. Or check if it have explored your detergent storage, should not be detergent but dunnoe what else did you store in such place...etc.

    Also have to consider the possibility of pesticide poisoning where either you or your neighbour have attempted to spray a bug but if it manages to get to your cat and become plaything/snack. .. I tink you vet have already ruled out rat posion right?
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    Default Re: My Cat is seriously sick. Opinions needed.

    Thank you all who have contributed kind advice.

    Our cat is now home and sprawled on the Sofa.
    Besides the fact that he hasn't much of an appetite,
    we hope that he should be recovering soon.

    In anycase, I was informed by the Doctor there were no
    traces of anything suspicious in his stomach/body...
    so how he got poisoned is still a mystery.

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    Default Re: My Cat is seriously sick. Opinions needed.


    Great to hear that L pulled through.

    Did the vet tell you anything about what to look out for?

    In any case, I will lay-kiang and offer:

    MONITOR these very closely at least for a few days:

    1) Hydration - do the skin snap test at the back of the neck. Google 'How to check a dog's or cat's hydration' It's super easy to do.

    2) Temperature - this one you have to do by taking rectal readings. No choice. Just be sure to lubricate the thermometer properly, and have someone scruff and hold your cat securely so that it can't move.

    3) Abnormal changes in water or food intake, or inappetance. You mentione not much of an appetite, and that's understandable, but hydration is CRUCIAL to it's recovery, and survival. After a few days, if inappetance is still an issue, you'll have to force-feed liquified foods, or much better are convelesence supplements like the gel-form Nutri-pet which can be gotten at most pet stores or vets.

    4) Any signs of abdominal discomfort or pain. You can gently palpate your cat's abdomen to check. If your cat is uncooperative, you'll have to discern whether it's because it simply doesn't like being handled like that, or because it's from pain or discomfort.

    All the best.

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    Default Re: My Cat is seriously sick. Opinions needed.

    That's good news. Am glad he is now resting at home.

    With regards to the poor appetite, try wet food instead of dry food as it is more flavourful. But not too much at one go as its stomach may still be very weak. If it is still not eating well, can try Science Diet a/d wet food. It's only available at the vet as it is a prescribed diet. This diet helps felines/queens which have poor appetite after a major operation. It is flavourful and easily digested. But need to cut it once its appetite returns as it is very addictive. This diet saved my orphaned neo natal kitten's life in the first month.

    Wet food will help with the dehydration issue brought up earlier by another forumer. Do the neck skin test regularly. Dehydration can kill.

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    Default Re: My Cat is seriously sick. Opinions needed.

    Very happy your cat is back home.

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    Default Re: My Cat is seriously sick. Opinions needed.

    thank you for all the advice given so far.
    I'm happy to say that L is eating and seems perfectly fine.
    However, one of his kitty companions seem to dislike him now.

    Here's a picture of him taken last weekend.

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    Default Re: My Cat is seriously sick. Opinions needed.

    Glad to hear the great news jh!



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