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Thread: What filters to use?

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    Default What filters to use?

    hi guys. will be going to china for 10 days and will be shooting mainly landscape and people under bright sunlight. i will be shooting on film and mainly using provia100f. what kind of filters would i be needing? cpl, nd 4 are currently on my list. what else would i need?

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    perhaps a uv or skylight, but more f protection .

    tink u are well covered liao.

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    Hi as for your landscape shots you might wanna try graduated neutral density filters to hold back the bright skies to avoid blowing out on the highlights. Having them can be handy in sunrise / sunsets as well, to afford getting details in the foreground instead of getting a black silhouette.

    Here is one of my attempts, pardon the flare

    CPL is useful

    I do not have an ND 4, but it is useful in its own ways applicable to your style and needs

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    You should know this already. However, my suggestions:

    1. A good UV or 81B or both. (if you're going high altitudes, there'll be a blue cast from the UV light). Warming is always good for landscape, esp as you're going near winter.

    2. ND8 or higher. In my view, ND4 is neither here nor there, not slow enough for waterfalls, but slow enough to prevent handholding.

    3. A warming polarizer if you can afford one. Normal polarizer has a tendency to make things a little cool.

    4. Fill flash for people shots under bright sunlight.

    5. Good lens hood.

    6. Incident light meter/spot meter for landscapes.

    7. Grad ND 0.6 or 0.9 for landscape.


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