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    hey, May i know is there any recommendations for printing of photographs perhaps in various sizes like A3/A2/A1/AO size? or maybe bigger?
    i need to print my photographs for my major assessments for sch.
    i know there's alot of printing shops at peace centre, sunshine plaza and bras basah.
    would love to venture to other printing shops too, cheaper ones perhaps?

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    Try the basement of Sim Lim Square.

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    ouh cool! even thou sim lim is just right behind my sch, i only went there like once in a blue moon!
    i'll drop by one of these days! thanks alot!

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    botak sign

    a little out of the way, but cheap and reasonably good if cost is a main concern... they print quite a bit of advertising materials that you see in town... prints just about anything to any size you want... I once printed a 10m2 banner with them...


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