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Thread: Akarui Digi Dry Cabnet

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    Default Akarui Digi Dry Cabnet

    I have a this dry cabnet and the humidity is 30% and it is on the recommended setting of M humidity which is supposed to be around 45% to 50%
    ive tried playing around with it and it still stays on 30!! and it is not to good for my equipment.
    if anyone can help it would be great

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    Default Re: Akarui Digi Dry Cabnet

    Could your meter be faulty ?

    Or maybe you can try to open up your dry cabi for a while to expose to outside humidity, redial to a slightly higher level and close the dry cabi and observe again. The number should rise and slowly climb downwards.

    For my analogue dry cabi it was a trial and error in the initial use



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