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    hi, i'am new here.
    there are some question to my dry cabin. no matter how i adjust, the RH% always goes around from 20% to 25%. well my brother ask me to switch it off first to let it reset or something. but it turn up to be around 40% to 47%. so, i was thinking is this due to my air-con in the room?

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    oh ya, by the way, is the temperture also important? it should be around how many degree?
    sorry if my words sound not right, my english is very poor
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    Yes 40% is about right for a/c room but 20 to 25% is a bit too dry. Besides drying your lens you will also dry up the lubs in the cams and lenses.

    Buy an external hydro meter and check if the dial on your dri cab is correct.

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    where i can a hydro meter?
    cost around how much? thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by a.c.e View Post
    where i can a hydro meter?
    cost around how much? thanks.
    You can get a digital one at Home Fix-It shops... about $20-$30... if I recall...
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