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    just want to share this photo i took from a piano player... guys need some inputs on the photo, lighting, composition, exposure etc. i used a 50mm, f1.8, ISO 500, 1/125sec.
    tnx guys... ur critique, comments and suggestions are very important to me. tnx

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    where's the photo?
    ...seeking angles in a new definition...
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    its up already.. tnx again..

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    up for your comments and suggestions...

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    1 would want to see more wrist
    2 the bokeh is kinda irriating. ps the one out below
    3 try a smaller aperature at 2.8

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    @ tribal.snake

    tnx for your suggestions... i didn't noticed the wrist there until now... tnx ill try to be more sensitive next time on cropping and framing.


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