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Thread: How to set manual/custom white balance on a D100?

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    Default How to set manual/custom white balance on a D100?

    How do I set white balance manually? I know you need that 18% grey card, aim & focus on it, making sure it covers the frame, then take a shot. Finally save that into the WB custom setting. Is that it?

    Some other issues I was thinking of:
    1) How far should my card be? Better to zoom in to fill the frame or place the card closer at wide angle? Would it make any difference? Aperture?

    2) What angle to set the card? Must it be perpendicular to the lens? Would light reflections play a big part in getting an accurate setting?

    3) If the ambient light is low while taking the shot of the grey card, would that manual WB setting be accurate?

    4) Finally, where do I get that grey card???

    So far, how does the D100's Auto WB perform indoors? Any experienced D100 users to comment?

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