I need your help! I make some surprise for my lovely girlfriend and Im trying collect some photos with messages from all over the world. If you can, just write by pencil a love message on some paper and shoot it with digital camera, but on background of photo let it be some well-know mark of your city or country, nature, people or some traffic sign-post… what you want. The message on paper let it be: Volim te ljisice It`s on Serbian, it`s mean-I love you little fox Under the message you can write “I love you” on your native language and name of your place and country. Let your imagination make it.
Please, I need a lot of photos like that from all interesting places in the world and I would like to you participate in this my love project! PLS!
Please, help me to find many people around the world for this!!!

The photo(s) you can send me on serbotravel@gmail.com or upload on www.imageshack.us or some similar site and send me a URL on e-mail! Or just post on this forum.
Thank you in advance
The best regards
All for L.O.V.E.