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Thread: movies.mpg to DVD

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    Default movies.mpg to DVD

    how to burn the movies.mpg to DVD?

    I tried many software PowerDVD, Sonic (windows) but to no avail.


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    bro maybe u can refer to this thread, Its the opposite of yours, converting DVD to MPEG4 but the advices should apply in your case too
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    i tried Nero express6, but it is still in broken movies clip.

    The problem i'm facing is that i want to have a combined clip (combined with many short clips)

    although PowerDVD can help me combine all clips but the format is in .mpg extension.

    I couldn't burn them to DVD.

    Do i need to convert the movies to DVD format using another software?

    normally DVD come with what extension? why i see many clips of .BUP, .IFO, .VOB
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    using the Apollo MPEG to DVD burner.

    why the software claim that the .mpg file is invalid video file? doesn't allow me to burn??

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    Default Re: movies.mpg to DVD

    Go to this website VCDHELP and almost all your answers will be solved.

    Good Luck!


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