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Thread: Flash my O2 IIi to WM6 ??

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    Default Flash my O2 IIi to WM6 ??

    My O2 IIi is Win2003SE.

    I hear some people can flash it to WM5 or WM6.

    Where can I get it done? Suggestions?

    Is this something I can do myself at home?

    Thanks ahead.
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    Default Re: Flash my O2 IIi to WM6 ??

    Don't bother unless you are quite savvy with these kinda of things and knows how to track back if there are screwups. Had a friend who did an "upgrade" from WM2003SE on his XDAIIs to WM5 and faced with lots of issues and the reflashed it back to WM2003SE. Anyway, second hand pda phones are pretty reasonable now so why bring on the grief for nothing....heheheheheh.


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