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Thread: [News]Regan Lee jailed for crashing test-drive car, killing sales executive

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    Default Re: [News]Regan Lee jailed for crashing test-drive car, killing sales executive

    Quote Originally Posted by stor View Post
    Hi LittleWolf..........looks like you are out here to defend your 'friend' and talking rubbish. Your argument just shows your stage of "sound" mentality. Even a child hurting someone will feel bad and you can argue how would I know? Maybe you should go for a mental health screening.
    yo, thou i do agree with you in what littlewolf said was kinda contradictory... but lets keep it civilised.

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    Default Re: [News]Regan Lee jailed for crashing test-drive car, killing sales executive

    in the 1st place, may i know if u drive and own your own car? accidents happen.. i'm driving a awd car, with supposedly damn good tyres, buy that time sweat after pay the money i have still managed to skid the car once along cte exit yishun when it was raining, i have gone that way at least 1000x at that speed before.. maybe there was oil on the road or whatever.. as my points above.. i believe he should do his time, but he did not kill the girl intentionally and accidents do happen.. but i think his arrogance in posting in forums to "hao lian" about buying sports car and his non-remorse, he deserves the 7yrs..

    Quote Originally Posted by lovells19 View Post
    I doubt I'll even do it, because it is a really stupid action on his part.

    Would you do what he did?
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    Default Re: [News]Regan Lee jailed for crashing test-drive car, killing sales executive

    if you wish him for lifetime inprisonment, why bother to get the best lawyer? you should be asking him to just plead guilty to whatever charges thrown at him.. why waste money on lawyer? i'm not saying he shouldn't go to jail fyi.. i believe the law system in sgp is fair and we shouldn't pass judgement on others about things we do not have the full picture of..

    Quote Originally Posted by sammy888 View Post
    Funny you should ask that....not the first time this is asked of me since I did my NS in the Police Force. I can tell you without doubt, if I know my own father commited a crime..I will report him. He is still my father and I might get him the best defend to plea his case for a fair trial but I will report him for sure. Filial piety only goes so far for me.

    There is moral and there is moral. I am unbias to a fault. So logic like what you present me does not and can't not sway me. If I did wrong and I am caught and tried for the crime...I will not fight it. Be a man and stand up to it. If you don't think you can be that way..then make sure you do the right thing all the time. Be Mindful. It's not hard. Unless you are selfish minded which is what I think this irrate driver is which lead to causing the death of a young woman.

    This is not about law as in govt law or man made law. This is about the set of law or ethics you set up for yourself to follow internally. Knowing when to do what's right and if you want to do something bad or possibly be risky in nature...make sure you don't drag any innocent people into it to share your fate AGAINST their will. I bet you he was not just a rash driver but he favour himself to be a great racer and was also showing off to his female passenger how good he can drive which lead to the accident.

    So I am sorry, I respect your view but i don't agree with it one bit lah. But that's just me.

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    Default Re: [News]Regan Lee jailed for crashing test-drive car, killing sales executive

    ask yourself this.. is being in jail the rest of your life, the best way of repaying the family for what you have done.. Hypothetically speaking of course

    Quote Originally Posted by ZDragon View Post
    Frankly if I am the one who commited the offence. My life will be in the other who will be judging me. Who am I to say if I should or I should not. The only thing for certain. I will accept the judgement with open arms.
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