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Thread: books to clear - $$$ to Courage Fund

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    Default books to clear - $$$ to Courage Fund

    As inspired by kenghor's and argent2's thread, I am donating proceeds of the sale to the Courage Fund.

    Name your price for the following and it is yours. Items are sold AS IS. Sale is on highest bidder basis. Pls PM me for details on collection of items.

    Sale to end by 11pm, 4nd May 2003

    Please indicate your name and price next to the item in the list below..e.g.

    3) Mastering.... ($20)

    Items for sale:

    Textbooks (minimum bid of $15 each)
    1) Turbo Pascal, 5th Ed. - Koffman (1995)
    2) Simplified Structured COBOL - McCracken and Golden (1990)
    3) Mastering Object-Oriented Design in C++ - Cay S. Horstmann (1995)
    4) Data Structures & Program design in C, 2nd Ed. - Kruse, Tondo and Leung (1997)
    5) Introductory Mathematical Analysis, 7th Ed - Haeussler and Paul (1993)
    6) Intermediate Microeconomics: A Modern Approach - Varian (1987)
    7) Teach Yourself Visual Basic 5 in 21 Days - Gurewich and Gurewich (1997)
    8) Peter Norton's Guide to Java Programming - Norton and Stanek(1996)

    Miscellaneous (minimum bid of $10 each)
    1) The 38 Blessings - Nanadicca (Buddhist book in English)

    Happy Bidding!

    *still digging out books for auction*

    Alternatively, you can visit for Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Heineken cans as well...

    P.S. All proceeds from books to the Courage Fund, but proceeds from cans are personal...
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    Hope you dig out some photography related books...


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