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Thread: Toyko Trip - Buy DSLR ??

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    Default Toyko Trip - Buy DSLR ??

    Hi I will be going to Tokyo for a holiday.Just thinking whether its wise to buy a Canon D30/60 when I am there...Has anybody had any experience in this?? Will there be warranty issues? Whether the shops will have english documentation?? Will the battery charger be dual voltage? Will the prices be cheaper than in Singapore? If it is ok to buy then where will be the good place/shop to buy from and what to watch out for (discounts??)

    Hoping to find D30 at reduced prices....


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    try yodobashi

    a lot of shops around to find out price

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    Japan price system usually works this way. Lets take D1x from yodobashi camera store.

    They are selling at a sales price of 498,000 yen. This is a 15% discount already (to original price). Then they've a cash back system. For the case of D1x, it happens to be 15% as well. So you earn 74,700 yen that can be used in your next purchase.

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    I heard that you have to fill up a 'point card' in order to get the 15% discount, is that true? Wat about other concerns I have listed in the 1st message?? Do they pose a problem?? Thanks...


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    Maybe u tell me more about your trip & places you'll drop by. I'll double check with my gf there to see how the cash-back system works in detail.

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    I will be staying in Ikebukuru for 1 week. Will be going all over Tokyo exploring and shopping. Will definetely be in Shinjuku, Akihabara, Ginza and probably be using the Yamanote line visiting all the various places where the train stops....Hence will have a chance to look for bargains....Thanks...

    PS Nice that your gf stays in Tokyo...wish that mine stays there too..

    Thanks again


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    1 week in tokyo!
    Will be bored.

    Akihabara is the electronic town of japan. Can source for your things there. BTW, not much need to go around looking for bargains. In Japan, all prices are standardised. Whether you buy it here or there, still the same.

    err...why u wish your gf stays there?

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    Originally posted by Shadus

    err...why u wish your gf stays there?
    can't stand her... wants her far far away !! LKAKAKAKAKa
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    you could check out some prices in one of the pics here. The pic of 3 digital SLRs was taken in Yodobashi in Shinjuku.
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