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Thread: what is there to buy/see in Shanghai?

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    Default what is there to buy/see in Shanghai?

    Hi people,

    will be going on tour to Shanghai soon and will have 3 days on my own.

    Thinking of going shopping in shanghai.

    I am wondering if there are any good buys in Shanghai? or are the stuff more expensive than in singapore?

    I am thinking of maybe getting camera stuff, MAC stuff (cheaper?), electronic stuff (PMP? handphones?) basically anything that needs electricity

    Please recommend me the place to buy from too, hopefully near some MRT. I will be staying in Radisson New world On Nanjing street and huaihai.

    Anyway, is there good photo locations in Shanghai? I only know the bund.

    thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: what is there to buy/see in Shanghai?

    anywhere in shanghai there is a great photo oppurtunity
    just walk around the streets and explore and im sure ull find very good shots
    there is no shortage of shopping in shanghai
    electronics it really matters what ur looking for
    not to much mac things but everything else could b a lil cheaper
    ive lived in shanghai for 2 years and absolutely love the place
    hav fun mate

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    Default Re: what is there to buy/see in Shanghai?

    wah bro, u staying in the happening area man.. Huaihai is the pub area.. If u like to see photography stuff chk out Xin Guang She Ying Cheng at Lu Ban Road, Lu wan Qu or the one near the Train Station (I mean train, not mrt hor) There is a bridal city there but the shops not filled up yet when I went 4 weeks ago. May be better now.

    Cheng Huang Meow nice place to look see too. Hmm, den u have Qi Pu Road for the rip off bags, watches and wholesale clothes..

    Warning: do not bring wife or gf there or will buy until pengz.... also, touting is RAMPANT there. BTW, its a little cool there last week.. about 18 Deg.

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    Default Re: what is there to buy/see in Shanghai?

    happening area? Alamak but I not very happening don't go to pubs much.

    I went to shanghai like 10years ago.... must have changed like crazy in 10 years. The hotel prices is also very high. I think higher than tokyo....

    but at least the exchange rate is pretty favourable now.

    Any good resturant to recommend? I don't mind spending like 500RMB for a dinner for 2.


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