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    Hi all,
    Currently still in Guangzhou. Brought my IXUS 40 to do some shooting (to curb my shooting crave and ya, i didn't bring my D80). Saw this boy shopping with his mum in a shoe store. Kinda gives me a feel of me when i was young. When i was young, i look forward to be adult. When i am adult, i kinda wish i can go back to the past to be the young and carefree kid again. At my times i would say. Nowadays, pressure is on the kid the moment they can open their mouth to speak.

    Made use of his shoeless foot and the adult's shoe to bring out the feel. The wrong socks combination also kinda bring out the dilemma. I choose 不想长大。。。in the end. Hahaha. Enjoy~ C & Cs welcome as usual~

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