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Thread: Editing Software(Adsee Pro 2)

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    Default Editing Software(Adsee Pro 2)

    Hi there,

    Any one knows where to get an ADCsee Pro 2 Photos editing software? Is it available in Challenger?

    Any idea on the price as well?

    Thanks in advance to your information.


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    think it is not yet available in local stores.
    Guess if u want it, have to purchase it direct from ACDSee webby.

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    i think one of the software store in funan 5th floor carry the software, but it is cheaper to buy from the ACDSee webby

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    Default Re: Editing Software(Adsee Pro 2)

    Challenger does sell the retail box ACDSee but ACDSee 9. If you want to save money, go to their website and pay for a download. I had just purchased the upgrade version from their website but not the Pro version. The ACDSee 10 Photo Manager upgrade cost me US$29.99. I think the ACDSee 9 from Challenger is selling for $14x.00.


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