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Thread: SIA Flight to London for $599; I pay you $201!

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    Default SIA Flight to London for $599; I pay you $201!

    I am looking for someone to buy an SIA ticket to London with me so that we can take advantage of the promotion fares, which will be $800 per passenger.

    However, since I can't find anyone till now, I'll pay you $201 to buy with me. In essence, I pay $1K, and you, $599 for a SIA flight to London.

    The only catch is that your flight dates/times must be identical to mine:

    1. Departure: 12 June 03 (flexible, btw 12-14 can)

    2. Return: 25 Jun 03 SQ319 (cannot change)

    If you're interested, pls quickly email me at as I understand the tickets are flying off fast!

    Many thanks!
    (pls do not use email link here cos I don't know which email that links to)

    More info:

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    It doesn't only have to be me and you; all persons above the 2nd person get the discounted rate!

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