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    can somebody englighten me.
    Here is the problem, i am trying to take my own picture and my girl so tripod is needed.
    How am i going to focus? because when i focus on my gf then i set the timing and i ran next to my girl.. SNAP.. image taken.. view them on computer my image are kinda of out focus..
    any tips?

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    what f/stop are you using, what is your exposure time (shutter speed)?
    i suppose you will not show the pictures, i understand, but i'm sure you can achieve the information from the exif info

    focus on gf, then switch to manual focus and don't touch focus ring
    use a small aperture for maximum dof, if you use a large aperture, you might capture your gf, but not you

    could be a lot of things, like.. you somehow set it to long exposure and then.. you moved
    what mode are you using for this? i find manual would be best
    if there is not enough ambient light, then you'd need flash, or higher iso (at the sacrifice of details, and addition of noise)


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