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Thread: camera phone vs DC vs DSLR

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    Default camera phone vs DC vs DSLR


    some queries about camera phones:

    (1) i have tried 2 sony phones, even with the cybershot camera phone, and i noticed that the pictures taken show 72 for both the X and Y resolutions when viewing its exif. does it mean the resolution is low and pic can't be printed properly by the shop?

    (2) how to take pics with a 3MP camera phone and use it to be printed out by the shop at 4R size? i mean how to set the X and Y resolution to be 300 for both ?

    (3) the exif of pictures from sony cameras like DSC-W1 and its camera phones like K800i show that the Xresolution and Yresolution are at 72 while those pictures taken by nikon DSLR show the X and Y resolutions at 300. what is the implications of these numbers?


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    Default Re: camera phone vs DC vs DSLR

    sounds like the output resolution or what we commonly call the DPI.

    in simpler terms, it is like the volume of a mass. a 20g weight is always a 20g weight, but you can shrink to 1ml or expand it to 1L volume, but it is still a 20g weight.

    this DPI thing is how much we change that volume.


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