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Thread: condensation?

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    Quote Originally Posted by honky View Post
    hmmm. i was thinking, is the lens/camera assembled in a low or high humidity condition? if its high, will the high humidity air trapped internally condensed too? sorry, i'm not much of an engineer
    not sure, but this will only be true if your lens is completely airtight, and i doubt even those canon "L" weatherproof lens are airtight...

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    If you keep ur camera and lens in a cold enviroment for a long period of time, it will condense for sure.

    Personally experienced it, was using the office D70s, which was kept in the office for most of the time. Average temperature in the office was around 21 celcius.

    Took it out to take some shots and found that the lens and mirror in the body condenesed.

    Took around an hour for all the glass to be clear again.

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