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    Jeanie, why not just go to the tour agencies and see what they have to offer, they do offer Kenya and South Africa trips. As a starter for Africa, i recently joined a local tour here and went for a 10 days trip. Get to see the history, the coast lines and did simple safari, etc.

    I would say unless you are an animal lover, if not 10-12 days of safari might be a little too much. Also visiting Africa does have some risk like diseases, theft and robbery. It is advisable to travel in a group especial for gals. Plan carefully.
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    i've no experience in wildlife photography whatsoever but i guess if you wanna go that way in kenya, just be prepared not to bath much or have proper meals i guess. in the end, you wanna go there for the pictures or enjoy or a lil' of both?
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    What to photograph in Africa???? So many things....too many things.

    Which part of Africa do you want to visit?

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