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Thread: Cycling trip for photographers and the visually challenge

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    Default Cycling trip for photographers and the visually challenge

    Hi people,

    for once, how about putting down our cameras and form a cycling trip for the visually challenged?

    A group of Offstone Photographers are organising a weekend cycling trip where we cycle together with the visually challenged

    So far, we have the following photographers volunteering. We need more cyclists who can ride the tandems. Each tandem takes a blind cyclist as the second rider.


    Single Seaters:
    1. ashrobo
    2. YSLee
    3. mig37
    4. Henry Lee(friend of mig37)

    1. Lance Lee
    2. victoria ho

    Moral Support (Cheerleaders, Bom Bom gals):
    1. Lily (errr... bom bom gals? )


    Pls join us as this is our first effort to run a non-photographic welfare activity. Feel free to bring your cameras as we talked about
    shooting a photo story on this event. I might be able to help get this story published in the papers or magazines if we can package a good story.

    Pls add your name to the list here

    Thanks :>

    Lance Lee

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    It will be tiresome to keep updating the list on both forums so let keep it at one place. For those interested, pls follow the link to OS and update the list over there.

    Tread stuck for user to see "better"....

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    Thanks Bluestrike,

    we need a lot more cyclists who can ride a tandem, so that we can ride together with the visually challenge.

    Join us. This is a meaningful social welfare event :>
    Come show that we photographers do more than just taking pictures :>


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