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Thread: ClubSNAP @ Olympus E-3 Tokyo Launch

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    Default Re: ClubSNAP @ Olympus E-3 Tokyo Launch - Day 2

    Quote Originally Posted by Edmund View Post
    Concluding Thoughts

    While I have not had the luxury of time to give the E-3 a good run-in, all in all, I believe Olympus has a winner in the E-3. After over 4 years of keeping quiet, the wait is over for Olympus fans and the E-3 is a worthy successor to the previous flagship, the E-1. The 3 newly launched lenses are quiet, fast, easily hand-holdable and also great at covering the wide end to the medium telephoto range. Through the launch event and the hands-on session, Olympus has given me a very good insight of the direction they are pursing and I believe most consumers would welcome a worthy competitor to the current market leaders, Canon and Nikon.

    As a DSLR camera system, Olympus does still have some bits to tweak (for example, getting wireless multi-flash to be able to be triggered from a hammer-head flash mounted on top of the E-3) but I guess those aren't show stoppers and they will get sorted eventually.

    Some might also ask, would I switch to Olympus? Highly unlikely is my answer as I already have too much investment in Canon equipment (same reason why I won't switch over to Nikon even though the D3 looks really good). However, if I ever decide to build a 2nd system, I will definitely have the E-3 in my priority list for its fast AF, Live View with swivel LCD, crystal-clear LCD and light-weight lenses.
    i also heard about the strength of E3...really value for money and worth considering of switchign camp to O family...heheh.
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    Thanks Edmund for this intensive first visit and hands-on of the E3, for me I've been always in touch with Nikon systems (now still using a FujiFilm S2 camera with a few Nikon Lenses) although I used Canon SLRs back in secondary sch days, but i saw a short news article recently that Nikon is catching up in the global market share in 2007, just a few % behind Canon, standing at 40% if my memory serves me correctly, Canon is at 46.5%..

    So my question will be, will buying a Olympus DSLR be a change for the better from a Nikon system? I'm quite impressed with what E3 can offer actually but will the Olympus Lens prices be still kept at a high level if we get it first hand? Think its the most expensive compared to Nikon and Canon.

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    wah !!! song sia !!!!
    Objection !!!

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