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    I just started out photography and getting the equipment together so now I need a flash dedicated for my camera. By the way i am using a Canon 400D. However, I am under a tight budget so i have shortlisted to two flashes. The Canon 430x and the Metz 58. On paper, they both seem pretty good but i want to know how the flash actually performs in real life. So if u own any one of these flash or have tried using one of it or even if u know there is another flash that is around the same price range, pls feel free to give me your honest opinion. I would really appreciate it. Thank you. In addition, i need the flash to take photos in events such as weddings and even concerts. Thank you again and i really appreciate your honest opinon.

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    if metz can do whatever you can do with 430x, i'll get metz. it's reputable for it's reliability and colour temperature.

    m 2 cents worth.

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    i dont use canon, but ive tried the 430ex before

    it was pretty adequate and nice, not too sure abt other creative lighting functions etc

    generally, i try to stay with my cam brand for the lenses, flash etc unless there's a remarkable flash/lens from 3rd party for nice price

    otherwise, id recommend the 430ex

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    Thx for the opinion i will definitely take them into consideration

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    OK, sorry, must be the dark skies.

    Canon is good, even though the output of the Metz is probably much more even and accurate. Metz have a resounding reputation among professionals for their colour and auto exposure accuracy (CL and CT series). The MZs are no slouches either, and are very capable.

    HOWEVER, and that's a BIIG however, don't expect ANY kind of serious support from the local agent if anything happens to your Metz. There's only 1 technician there who going by what has happened to me and others, knows nuts about Metz equipment. Anything other than changing an external screw or something simple and it's "Have to send back to Germany ah, but very expensive hor! U WAN?" Great emphasis is put on asking, repeatedly, if customer wants to send back to Germany, at least in my case.

    Also, they DO NOT and REFUSE to carry spare parts. Came straight from the receptionist's mouth, who just happens to also be the customer service officer, technical liaison manager, quotation generator, administrator and tea lady. OK, I'm guessing about the tea lady part but you get the idea of how the company operates, and probably what their take on suitably qualified manpower is. Has anyone actually seen or met the technician btw? It always seems that he is either never around, on leave or too busy to speak with a customer. Proudly displayed in the reception area are a dazzling array of some of the world's best products - almost all happens to be from companies that have gone out of business or closed down.

    Another consideration, if you read the overseas forums is that MZ series tend to have more reliability/break-down problems (they just kinda die on you unexpectedly) as compared to the old CL/CT series, which are like the Energizer bunnies - they just go on and on and on and refuse to quit. I'm not sure about the new 58s, but I would do a search on the main overeseas forums before deciding. Google or Yahoo 'Metz MZ58 problems', and anything similar that might clue you in onto generic, or specific problems with that model. I did a quick one and the results are interesting:

    But, to be fair, in comparison to the number of MZ units sold per month or per quarter (I'm guessing thousands internationally), the incidences of failure seems low.

    Learning curve on the MZ is longer, but well worth it if you manage to master all the controls and if what other users report as problem areas or limitations do not affect you that much. It's probably not ideal for the fumble-fingers or the techonologically challenged though. I feel that the Germans still tend to harbour sometimes over-complex engineering approaches to most things, even to electronic technology, which means that their manuals are kinda over-detailed and sometimes difficult to read and follow, operating the unit is more difficult and takes more steps, and when your MZ malfunctions, it probably would not be a simple module, but a series of things that goes down the drain.

    If you're wondering whether I have something against Metz, the answer is NO. I am using two Metz units (CL/CT) very happily now, but my poor MZ is still lying dead in my dry box. I wish it were still alive because in all honesty, it was kinda fun to use, apart from it's complex operations.

    please note that the above are merely opinions
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    Whoa, that type of information is fantastic. Thank you. Now I would really consider buying the Metz flash. So is there any other make that is as good as the Metz and of course around that price range? Again thanks for the info.

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    im having the exact same situation as u, im on a 400D as well looking for a decent flash to do events and wedding.
    after some research, 430ex is not as powerful, advisable to go for 580ex, but its no longer in production, so more or less settled for 580ex mkII which is bout $719 =\
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