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Thread: OIS Cameras - W80, or FX10? Help me please!

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    Default OIS Cameras - W80, or FX10? Help me please!

    Hey guys,

    Following on my previous thread, I realised the best solution to my problem was to get a camera with OIS (I have shaky hands). Hence, that rules out the Fujifilm F40fd, which although takes great night shots without flash (very important to me), is useless unless my hands don't shake.

    I will be using the camera for taking pictures while clubbing, and fine-dining; hence, seldom using flash for my night shots.

    Having done some research, the Sony W80 and the FX10 both have what I seem to look for in a camera - OIS and ultra compact. But my dilema is that there are conflicting reviews; CNet says the W80 is awesome, but DCResource pans it - while giving the FX100 (the bigger brother of the FX10) more credit than CNet does. Neither review really talked about night photography without flash. This situation is further complicated by the fact that both cameras cost exactly the same - ParisSilk quoted me $355 for both (although the FX10 comes with a 2gb sd card, and the W80, a 1gb MS)

    Which camera has better OIS?

    Which camera has better IQ at night without flash? I don't need the best IQ in the day (so long as decent), but I need decent night flashless IQ.

    Also, if there are any other cameras that I should be considering, please let me know.

    The 860IS, FX33, FX100, T100, T200 are all way beyond my budget; I'd rather spend more going on. Besides, the way I use my camera (slipping into my pocket), I'd probably damage it before I recover any capital investment into it.

    Also, should I buy now, or wait a few months? I don't want buy now then christmas come all prices drop.

    Thanks !!!!

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    Default Re: OIS Cameras - W80, or FX10? Help me please!

    May be can consider the slightly more expensive Fujifilm FinePix F50fd, with Image Stabilized sensor?
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    Default Re: OIS Cameras - W80, or FX10? Help me please!

    How much is the F50fd? I don't want to spend too much - if between W80 and FX10 what do you think?


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