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    Hi all,

    Thinking of getting the Lowepro S&F Reporter 200AW. Cathay quoted $96. Is this a good bag to get? Will be using it to hold a DSLR, flash, 2-3 lens....

    Those who own this bag...comments??

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    i also like to know. i am interested in the 300 AW actually, to put my 10D + 28-70 f/2.8L w/ hood + 85 f/1.8, or 28-70 f/2.8L w/ hood + 70-200 f/4L with hood. will be great if it has extra room for 420ex.

    i like 300 aw mostly because it's top loaded for quick access. not sure what my shoulder and neck will feel like when walking long way. in this case, guess mini trekker is a much better choice. but unfortunately mini trekker is not top loaded.

    why dont lowepro produces a bag like mini trekker but with top access? that would be ideal for me.

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    both 300AW and 200AW are too small


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