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Thread: Pns Lens Condensation ?

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    Default Pns Lens Condensation ?

    this is the 1st time i am encountering this problem and didnt know what sort of answers to give..

    my friend passed to me her Casio Z60 pns and mentioned that she cant take photos with it.

    based on my own observations:
    1. the lens has condensation on the inside side. (she mentioned that she tried blowing)
    2. the camera is giving out some whining sound which seems to suggest that the lens cannot be zoom-ed out fully.. but there is no sign of sand/dirt/etc to jam the zoom lens.

    given that the camera is out of warranty.. what is the best remedy to suggest for this problem ?

    any sort of suggestions/answers welcomed.

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    Default Re: Pns Lens Condensation ?

    get a quote for repair/servicing costs first, if its not worth repairing then get a new cam....


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