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    Default Qn on Photoshop Cs2

    How do you make the skin tone nice and bronze? like what would you use.. replace colour, adjust curves.. or even better is there a action u can use

    Cos ive seen some pics with bronze tone on the skin.. they look gorgeous..
    Canon 40D, 10-22, 35, 70-200

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    could be the lighting or the skin tone (not sure too abt the latter)

    though ive tried sth that does work to a certain extent. i wouldnt call it successful, cos im not exactly sure wat colour u r looking for. i think photoshop can go a little further than this, but then i this didnt take much time to do. if its ok then reply and i'll tell u how i did it

    will try again when i have the time

    had some other shots where the skin colour was nice cos i messed up the WB, will post when i can find them

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    waad was your workflow for this?
    Canon 40D, 10-22, 35, 70-200

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    u can see by the date, i did that 4 days ago, so i kinda forgot a little of it

    so here is wat i can remember
    1. photo filter (did this twice at 100%), choose any colour u like, it was orange/sepia, i think closer to the black side
    2. colour balance, mess up the channels until u get the desired colour. think u push it towards the yellow, and a little to the red
    3. go to levels, and add a little more shadows

    thats abt it, and oh, select only the skin before doing this
    besides that, the guy's skin was a little brown, so it was easier to get the effect, quite different though


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