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    Hi everyone,

    to anyone who has an FZ30, can I ask what size your screen protector is. I could get a 2" one which would cover the viewable area, and if I'm not wrong that would be about 4x3cm, but I'd like it to cover the whole screen, including the black area, which measures 5x4cm. So do you people cut a larger one down to size, buy the 2" one or actually manage to get one that's fitting. As far as I know I can't find any in that size. Thanks for reading, hope I can get some idea regarding what to do.


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    buy the largest you can find and cut yourself...

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    Would there be any problem with it peeling off easily or anything like that?

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    I have used the for nearly 2 years, under all kinds of conditions, and the LCD looks pretty clean even until now.

    In case you are wondering, most of the time the LCD is facing outwards
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    I bought a custom screen protector from this website. Just put in your required dimensions.


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    Thanks for the help. I just realised that the screen is almost the same size as a 2.5" one, since I compared it to another camera yesterday, probably an mm or so away, so I'm just going ahead with that. I hope it indeed fits well.

    Hexlord: I think you might have missed a word out or something, so you don't use a screen protector?

    xtemujin: Thanks, that's a rather useful link. I'll be getting my stuff from there when I've a nonconventional screen to cover.

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    Opps silly me.

    Yes, the camera's been exposed to all kind of things. Despite that, not a nary of a scratch. It's that good
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    I see some minor scratches on the corner of the camera, though it's only viewable under certain light conditions. And there are some minor scuffs on the front where the filter's mounted, but then agaoin I guess it's caused by repeatedly removing and putting it back on.


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