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    Hi, I am newbie to photoshop. May I know where can I get the complete tutorial for beginner?
    Thanks !

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    That's all the tutorials you'll ever need.

    Personal recommendation is to grab a book from the library. They are step by step structured. Easier to learn.

    Try getting "Classroom in a Book" series and the "Photoshop Studio Technique" series.

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    Hi, if you need a personal trainer to teach you something easy and fast instead of going through the books, why not contact me. I do provide private coaching to individual on Photoshop Basic and Adv. I'm an Adobe Certified Expert and also a media instructor at a local university. I have been teaching Photoshop for the last 4 years. For more details on the lessons, you can sms me at this number 98162062. I would be most happy to help you.

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    Have you considered putting up a detailed list of your courses and fees in the Services Wanted/Offered section?

    I'm sure a lot of photographers would be interested.

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    Hi Dream Merchant, thanks for your ref.


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