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Thread: Queries for Photoshop CS 3 And Lightroom.

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    Question Queries for Photoshop CS 3 And Lightroom.

    Hi all,

    looking to get a replacement for my photoshop 7. As i just just started meddling with raw files, which of the two programmes are more suitable for my needs? btw, how much is the price for the two mentioned programmes as a standalone? Currently a student here, not much cash to burn.

    Thanks to all in advance.


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    Default Re: Queries for Photoshop CS 3 And Lightroom.

    If you work with ONLY photos and A LOT of photos, go for lightroom.

    Photoshop's for people who want to do very specific manupilation of photos. E.g. Cut out background, design text headlines, etc.

    You might want to share with us what you use Photoshop 7 for.


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