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    i would love to have some feedback on my editing please im trying out this cross-processing effect i read up on.

    im trying to accentuate the green 3d glasses. this was taken in the us during a trip to universal studios.

    thanks in advance for the advice and comments and critiques!

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    Pretty cool, I like the effect

    Can't really comment on anything else, since I'm a newbie :P

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    interesting processing of the picture. nice

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    Interesting. But I find the green a bit muted. Prefer more contrast or bolder.

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    thanks dudes! yeah i was trying to max the green! haha

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    Not bad in my opinion but too green. If not for the shadows, it would have looked like a cut and paste haha..

    I like the processing's end-product - less the green

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    it has a nice feel of retro photo minus the green.


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