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Thread: Sleeping early and waking up early

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    Well i disapprove largely of the late nite slogging. In fact 2 weeks before exam period for me is more like destressing time!
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    I used to do that in my final year at highschool. Study, then sleep at 8, then wake up and study at 4 before heading off to school.
    At 4am it's nice and silent, and no one on msn to distract me :P
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    I suppose everyone lives in their own 'time zone'. But it takes a greater toll on the body as it ages when the it lacks sufficient rest.

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    when i was your age, i did overnight studies, i slept at 7am most of the time, as i needed that peace and quiet, and the lack of distractions from IRC and ICQ, everyone's offline :P

    however its important not to study and work your brain too much before a paper, the last week before the exams formally started, i made sure i reversed my sleep pattern, and prior to a paper i always had abt 7 hrs of good rest. rest eventually will be more important that study, there must be a balance struck.

    no point doing last minute cramming, you need a clear brain to think and recall. do remember to eat a light breakfast, brain runs only on glucose. if you study/cram too much before a paper, you will be too tensed, your brain will be a little too excitatory to perform at its optimal.

    maybe a slight consolation that i had used on every friend, junior, underlings who had came to me when they were stressed, was the exams is evenutally a measure of what you had learnt all in all in the two years of your JC education, and not too much of whatever you can cram in the last couple of weeks. The last couple of weeks is essential to prime your brain, keep the focus, to make sure that you know what you are suppose to know and able to do what you are able to do. Practicing a lot during this period helps to reinforce what you already know, this is better than re-reading or re mugging what you already know and wasting that time :P

    all the best!
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    Yup will do so, i'm doing more essays now. Working on applying what i've learnt. Are you from the Art stream? or the science stream?

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