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    Hi all need help shooting Cars.. newbie at this.

    Im basically just helping a friend take some pictures of his new ZENGed car.. for his keepsakes lah, so not many demands, very casual environment kind.

    I will be shooting at night, prefer the night effect. Also i noticed that shooting w/ streeetlamps nearby will create the unslightly yellow tinge. So Flash has to be used. Probably a few wide angle shots and some ~80mm shots on my 40d, to compres the bg.
    eg, shoot with car headlights on? turn the front wheel to the side or facing forward? location.. so maybe considerations, what settings / ISO to shoot at, i am using a 430ex.


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    I'm no expert but here is my 2cents.
    Yellow tinge can be solved by altering the temperature using software. Flash is not recommended. Single flash might be too harsh and you will have to keep ur distance as car is a bigger than normal subject, best is if you have external lighting eqpt like reflectors. You dont just wanna light up one area, you wanna emphasize a few parts of the car.
    Wide angle is prefered if you wanna capture whole car plus surroundings. And use 80mm if you wanna shoot like say just his car make logo. You have to stand quite far to get just 1 of his whole wheel with 80mm so that should be a gauge for u.
    I'm sure 40d has spot metering? Use it if you wanna shoot with headlights on. Headlights are very bright and might screw up your exposure if you shoot it head on.
    Turning of wheels is purely composition, no hard and fast rule.
    Night shots usually require causes slow shutter speed so bring along a tripod.
    Best way to trial and error is actually to shoot another car b4 your friends(you may only have 1 chance at his ride). Try to use the same location(got to recce dude!) as lighting at diff locations are of course different. From there you will know the limitations of that location and your eqpt.

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    Heh. Listen to Benchmarc.. You should see his works.

    Anyway just my 2 cents, why at night? Unless you've got a whole bunch of gear to light the car properly, you are going to have quite a bit of problem shooting, especially so since this is your first time(?)

    Just some ideas you can play around with. Closeup details on the rims, brakes, exhausts, engine details. Interior and dials. Some action panning shots of the car. Get down to at least rim-level to shoot... Buy (or u can always goto the bookshop to browse) some good quality car mags (no I do not count HotStuff as one with quality shots) and look at how they approach shooting the car.

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    Im not too bothered about the Macro/abstract shots.. that one is pretty simple and mainly an AD hoc thing, shoot whatever gives me kicks.

    Thing to note: If i just shoot with AWB with the ambient light no flash, its definitely a warm and yellow orange glow to the shot right? But what about if i adjust the colour temperature by the WB? will that make the shot much more neutural? thanks in advance, im going to try it out tonight
    Canon 40D, 10-22, 35, 70-200


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