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    Some people wish to be alone when they are in a relationship saying they have no freedom.
    Some ppl who are singles wish to have a relationship, saying they are lonely.

    I would say, it is hard to survive alone, but not being alone doesn't mean having to tie urself in a relationship.

    Personally think the contrast was a lil bit overdone.

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    Maybe I can't inteprete the significance of the pole in relation to loneliness (maybe one pole = lonely?), hence I can't feel the intention strong enough.

    One more thing is in the top left hand corner, the vignetting? or effect? is rather distracting.
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    wat kinda pic is this with tat kinda title??

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    no link, the pole is crooked also

    this shot appears as if its just a casual snapshot with some chinese words thrown in

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    perhaps loneliness is not justified with the little space given. Including more sky with relation to the pole might add more sense of emptiness and solitude.

    why not use other objects instead of a pole? because its just a vertical object with no shapes nor dimensions.


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