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Thread: Question on underwater casing

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    Default Question on underwater casing

    Would like to know if there is a generic underwater casing for camera; i've a Fuji F30 if i get a underwater casing for this cam can the same case be used if i were to change to a different brand of camera of similar size?
    Thks for any info

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    Default Re: Question on underwater casing

    You can check with the underwater sub-forum.

    But generally, each casing is designed for one specific model in mind as they allow for the controls of the buttons. In a different model of camera, the controls are normally different in location as well as function.
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    Default Re: Question on underwater casing

    See my Photo Gallery at the Clubsnap

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    Default Re: Question on underwater casing - wide list of underwater casing.

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    Default Re: Question on underwater casing

    You can refer back to the brand of the camera which you had bought for U/W housings.
    Alternatively you can refer to IKELITE for housings.
    My understanding is that the housings cannot fit cameras of a different brand.
    Even within the same brand, seldom one can get same housing for different models, but I've used Canon Ixus 430 before & its housing is the same for Ixus 400 & 500.


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