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Thread: How to test lens sharpness?

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    Default How to test lens sharpness?

    I think i saw some people talkin about "grabbing a sharp copy" of a lens at a shop, how do you acctually test which lens is the sharpest? also heard something about backfocusing or something can anyone explain to me? Thanks

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    Back-focus: Do a search here or on google. Explained 10,000 times.

    Sharp copy: Really hard to tell from camera alone. Many will recommend you bring a laptop, take the same picture with the same settings using several lenses, then get the one that loks sharpest edge-to-edge.

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    Default Re: How to test lens sharpness?

    It is hard to tell sharpness as you need to zoom in and compare pics... which is really difficult with that tiny LCD screen when you are at a shop. However, you should first do your research before going to buy any lens. Read the reviews, and also what people say about it. See tests results, etc. Weigh all that you have researched, then go to the shop and do a test. By that time, you should already know based on reviews which lens is sharper, and now you would want to test the handling issues.
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    Default Re: How to test lens sharpness?

    I tried to compare different lenses at the same focal length and same distance. I think it is more accurate if you are able to make a comparison.

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    bring a piece of paper, a piece of aluminimum to the shop

    then try to use the lens to cut those things, if it can cut both, it will be "sharp"

    lameness aside
    using lcd alone cannot tell, and frankly every lens has an indviidaul "sweet aperture" - usually around f/8 to f/11 will be fair enough if you ask me
    for me i don't really care, lcd zoom in sharp enough can already
    basically you should just use

    a) lowest iso possible
    b) put it on a solid base if tripod not available
    c) use sweet aperture as mentioned above, if don't know, USUALLY f/8 should be ok, or 2 or 3 stops down from maximum aperture
    d) zoom in to see lor

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    Default Re: How to test lens sharpness?

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    Thks guys bought a Tamron 17-50 yesterday tested a few lenes found the lens that was sharpest from end to end at the corner too


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