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    I'm exploring LAB color - can any one pass on their tips and tricks.

    I'm reading Dan M. book on 'Photoshop LAB' and find some concepts tricky.

    For example, how would you approach "applying the B channel, inverted, to the L channel in overlay mode"?

    I can get as far as apply image adjustments & inverted overlay mode, but am not sure how to apply the B channel to the L channel.

    Below is one of my more successful shots, go into my flickr site to find a LAB tutorial if you want to know what the heck I'm talking about

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    Once you converted to LAB color mode, you can use Calculations under the Edit sub-menus to apply channels to one another.
    There's a few different blending mode, so you have to try which ones actually works.

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    Thanks for the tip - Calculations is some thing else I need to learn - looks like I'll be chained to my computer for a while!

    Any other suggestions please?

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    Yeah, Dan's book is an interesting read huh ? I haven't gone that far though, only gone up to chapter 4 so far. Looking forward to reading more when I have time, maybe we can share tips. Yeah, as Prsimatic says, you can use the Calculations command to apply the b channel (inverted) onto the Lightness channel and choose the blending mode - but it's actually under the Image submenu in CS2 (Image->Calculations)

    Here's a good site where they have a "reading group" type thing discussing each chapter of the book

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    Thanks for your tip.

    It's really improved my understanding.

    Any one else wanna share?


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