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Thread: Anse takamaka at mahe island

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    Default Anse takamaka at mahe island

    seen during my vacation on the beautiful island mahe - seychelles

    The name from this beach is "Anse Takamaka". It is located in the south of the Island near the famous Banyan Tree Hotel which costs around 2400,00 Euro per night and room incl. breakfast for 2 person!!!

    all comments and every critique is very welcome.

    best regards from vienna

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    Default Re: Anse takamaka at mahe island

    1st off, nice blue skies.

    ur subject matter, the coconut tree, a pity its branches got cut off at the top. i would prefer if u leave more headroom.

    i guess u shot it in the early morning or maybe even early afternoon?
    perhaps stacking some ND filter will help u in getting a nicer seawater motion effect.
    the composition can be beta, i feel. there's simply too much distraction at the left side of the photo, taking attention away towards the other vegetation.

    i feel this is a boring photo, nothing inspiring and it is nothing more than a snapshot taken with perhaps a c.polariser.
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    Default Re: Anse takamaka at mahe island

    Have to say I agree with what Cheesecake has said.
    Less distraction on the left and hope to see more of the beach/sea.

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    Default Re: Anse takamaka at mahe island

    the blue sky is nice, yea agreed that the left hand side is abit distracting.


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