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    Quote Originally Posted by mohgui View Post
    i would run out and get the iPod if it has built-in FM. this is one feature which i utilise most in a mobile entertainment unit. don't know why apple is still reluctant to include this feature in upto today. strange.
    Radio steals listening time. They want to make money selling songs also. Its all about $$.

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    Touched the iTouch at Epicentre yesterday

    Really smitten by the design, form factor and responsiveness. The photo album display is good too, was really tempted to get the 16gb version but my christmas budget already set for something else.

    I am still using my 3Gen iPod so no plans to upgrade yet

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    how much is the 16gb itouch?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shu22 View Post
    I find that generally people find value-for-money in the features of the product and not the design of the product.

    Not many people would appreciate design and are willing to pay money for it.

    We are a practical lot, just give me powerful features!

    The beautifully craved form factor and the well designed software interface are also part of the cost which people are not willing to pay.
    I'd say that it depends a lot on the country and/or the diversity of the population. Ferrari, Lamborghini and various other specialty makers wouldn't sell any cars if people were only interested in the practical. To some, the feeling of the interior, the sound of the engine, and the feel of the ride are as important as the power.

    Quote Originally Posted by major_tom View Post's a sad fact but that's the reality......lots of dumbers out there (I'm one) who goes for looks/designs over features.
    Ease of use is a feature that's nearly an Apple exclusive. There isn't anything dumb about a machine that doesn't make you work hard to do simple things.

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