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    Does anyone know of any camera review sites who do review on camera phones as well? recently there are a lot of new mobile phones boosting better sensors and lens, so is there any website that do a proper image test on these cameras?

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    i dun ve the link in the office... but ... google ish your best frenz :P
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    Nothing on the newer ones, but mobile-review usually compares the camera performances. Best so far are the n95 and the SE K800/K810

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    Think you shld be able to find quite a few review on N95 etc... with all the pics for you to see...

    i am using N95... not bad for snapping on the go. of course there are limits.... if its low light it sucks. flash is not xeon as well...

    if you are talking bout K850 5 mega pix one... then i dun think there is any review yet... its not on sale bah... Nokia is having newer models soon as well... think N81 N82 and N95 Black edition with harddisk( cam shld be the same though)
    40D 50mmF1.8 17-85mm 24-70L

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    anyway, heres the link for mobile-review..


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